The tiny edible rosehip fruits containing powerful medicinal properties produce rosehip oil which is also known as 'Rosa Canina’. In ayurvedic terms, it is essential to balance out the Vatta by lightning scars and hydrating the skin with its antioxidant properties. Rosehip oil is most common in Chile, Egypt, South Africa, and America because of its healing potion. The three main components for the growth of rose hips are soil, climate, and water quality. When these conditions are satisfied, they usually bloom in spring. Rosehip oil surprisingly does not tend to have a flowery scent to it but is woody and soothing. It gives out a red-orange gradient color to a golden horizon hue color. Rosehip oil contains vitamin A and fatty acids such as oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid. It also contains vitamin F and is an excellent source of lycopene for the body. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It acts as a natural exfoliator and removes dead skin cells hence replenishes the skin giving a glowing look to it. The anti-aging property is mainly due to the formation of collagen, which provides a sense of elasticity to the skin. Vitamin A improves skin texture. It also calms irritation caused by any side effects on the skin. The presence of retinoids due to vitamin A decreases hyperpigmentation of the skin.