Privacy Policy

As per our policy, we use the personal information in order to provide and enhance our services. When using the service, we are quite sure that you have agreed to the collections and the use of information in accordance with the set policy.

The policy becomes void, when there is a deviation and we would deactivate the services.

As per our policy, we would collect the information which is received from your browser with reference to your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, browser version, the pages that the customer visits etc.

Cookies Management

Ours is a cookies managed website, we get to know about our customers and their purchasing behaviour through our cookies. We identify your browsing location, viz the computer, the mobile etc. when you visit our website or certain pages on the site.

We track the navigation of the customer through cookies management and while doing so, we get to know the customer better and their specific needs. We use the cookies management on certain pages of the site and analyse the web page for our internal development purposes. More importantly, we understand the customers with reference to their interests through cookie management. We tend to use some of the session cookies which automatically delete the moment the navigation of the user happens.

User Authentication

The user needs to sign in to become the registered members in order to take the facility of the services in our website. The registered members would have access to the specific services offered by the website.

The member when getting registered to the website, he or she would receive an automated mail which could contain the user access account Id and password, and the system would only authenticate him based on his User ID and Password credentials.

Order and Purchase Information

During the process of navigation, when a user is all prepared to have an online purchase of the products, we tend to take the personal information from you with reference to the billing address, shipping address, payment information (pertained to the credit card numbers, email etc.)

Once the delivery is done to the customer, we ensure to delete that information from our records.

Law Compliance

While we collect the personal information of the customers on a regular basis, we occasionally share the information to the departments who deal with law compliances.

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