Pink Clay is known for its excellent calming and cleansing benefits. It is a mixture of red Clay and White kaolin Clay. Thus, it enjoys the benefits obtained from both. It is very gentle on the skin and good for people with sensitive skin. It helps in the replenishment and restoration of the skin's moisture. Pink Clay also helps in the deep cleansing of sensitive skin without causing it to dry much. It is very useful in fighting against Pitta dosha. Famous as natural face masks, it helps in reducing skin irritation and inflammation. It treats the damaged skin and scalp by eliminating redness and making them smooth. This Clay is usually found in Australia, Britain, and America. They use Pink Clay for their skin care products as it helps in reducing blackheads, acne, and hormonal breakouts. It fights congestion, dullness, enlarged pores, and dehydration. The Clay is rich in minerals like Kaolinite and Calcite so, it is widely famous for its exfoliation and purifying properties in these countries.