Peppermint is a herb from a Mint plant family, bearing the botanical nameMenthaPiperita. Peppermint and other members of the mint family have been cultivated in Europe and Asia since ancient times. It is considered one of the most popular flavoring agents that is added to foods and candies. Apart from its role in Ayurveda, from India, it is recognized as invasive to Australia, United States, and New Zealand etc. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, they are used to treat several elements like the respiratory system, circulatory system, nervous system, and digestive system. This part of the plant also contains vitamins A and C, Niacin, Copper, Silicon, Iron, Sulphur and Inositol. Also, it holds several compounds like Menthone, Limonene and Menthol. It also has pain-relieving and infection-preventing qualities that also serve as a muscle relaxant. It holds a high menthol content. People from several parts of the country like China, Europe, India, and Australia use it in perfume, cosmetics, and for other skin care ranges, over-the-counter medicines, soaps and so on. Whereas it is used in creams, rubbing the chest, and tinctures, it is also used as a remedy to energize, stimulate the mind and body.