This evergreen tree of Nagkesar filled with high Ayurvedic properties has been used worldwide for many centuries. Also called 'Mesua Ferrea', this herb helps in soothing skin and treating acne. It helps in controlling the excessive oil production by the skin, minimizing the open skin pores, and toning the skin. Nagkesar is embodied with anti-inflammatory properties. If used, it gives relief to swellings, irritated skin, and red areas. This herb helps in cleansing the skin profoundly and clarifies it, which in turn provides a beautiful, even-toned, and radiant complexion. Nagkesar protects the skin from harmful UV rays emitted and helps in reducing the early symptoms of aging. Its antioxidants are required to render healthy skin from inside and outside. The herb also stabilizes skin problems related to Kapha dosha and Pitta dosha. It is used to treat wounds and injuries and accelerate the healing process. The herb Nagkesar has originated in Sri Lanka. It is also used by countries like Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Sumatra, Philippines, Burma, and Indochina for their facial treatment Masque, facial oils, facial ubtan, cleanser, and tan removal products because this delicate looking herb is rich in healing and curative properties. This tree has a graceful shape and size, with pink or red-tinted leaves and white flowers. It is usually found in the river valleys.