Moringa leaves are also called "Moringa Oleifera" that have originated in Northern India. It is native to the Asian and South African parts. This leaflet has a tea-drop shape which is highly nutritious and carries a long history of use in traditional medicines. In Ayurveda, this Miracle tree is called Shigru (part of the Moringaceae family). It is grown in the subtropical and tropical areas and is available throughout the year. It is cultivated in Central America, South America, Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines and Malaysia. This plant's leaves possess anti-inflammatory properties used to reduce pain, sores and to improve digestion. These leaves are an excellent source of calcium, protein, vitamin C, B6, Potassium, and Amino acid. In countries like the US, its leaves are made into a powder; in India, it is included in curries, stews, sambars, dals, chutneys, soups, etc. In other countries like Malaysia, Mexico, its leaves are boiled, and a healing tea is prepared. It can be easily found in Europe, South Africa, Central America, Asia, and Southeast Asia. It offers benefits like nourishing the skin, protecting the liver, treating stomach issues, making bones healthy, treating asthma, treating kidney disorders, and much more. Therefore, it is rated a powerful thrust of nutrition beneficial to add to your conventional diet.