Mint is a great herb that is inherent to the Mediterranean area. Its scientific name is Mentha that relates to the Lamiaceae family. Also, in Greek mythicism, it is named "Minthe" and in Spain, South and Central America, it is termed as "Menta". This perpetual herb is known for its sweet-smelling properties that can be used as food and medicine in several countries. Since ancient times, people used to rub it on the tables to create a stimulating environment. The early Greeks used to rub it on their arms, thinking it would make them strong. It is used in lamb dishes in the Middle Eastern part, as a mint jelly in American and British cuisine, a staple in Indian cuisine to add flavors, a must-have ingredient in Tea in Northern Africa, Alcoholic drink in Arab countries. Overall, it is a universal constituent used in Turkish, Indian, Vietnamese, Greek, and Persian Cuisines. This flavorful leaf is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Besides this, it is known for several therapeutic and medicinal properties used to manage respiratory and digestive concerns. It offers several advantages like relieving nausea, soothing cold symptoms, improving brain function, removing bad breath etc. Mint retains a good volume of Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, which is used to make food, soaps, toothpaste, gums, cleaning products, cough drops, ointments, and much more.