Want a natural ingredient for reducing swelling and puffiness? Cucumber fits there finely. Cucumber juice lowers the puffiness in your eyes and removes the dark circles as well. It originated in South Asia, now it grows in different continents, and some cucumbers are found in the global market. Internationally known as the “Cucumis Sativas”, it tastes bitter due to the presence of cucurbitacins which early people used to repel the insects and other pests where the Romans used it to cure scorpion bites and to scare away the mice. But now the usage has quite changed, now cucumbers play a significant role in the skin care world. As it suits both oily skin and dry skin and the micro particles of a cucumber are mildly astringent, it can be the perfect cleanser of your skin and tightens the skin pores. Its cooling nature saves you from redness, skin irritation, sun burns, insect bites, and rashes. The large number of antioxidants present in cucumbers fight with premature aging where the vitamin C and folic acid together stimulate the new cell growth. And folic acid alone removes the environmental toxic elements from your skin and makes your skin firmer and healthier than before. The water present in cucumbers makes your skin refreshing and glowing