Need gentle toning for skin? Calamine the name itself is a historic name and has been derived from the ore of zinc. Used for fading dark spots on the skin, it helps to keep the skin hydrated and acne-free. It helps in improving the complexion of the skin. Calamine powder also has skin healing properties. It reduces skin wrinkles and helps in defying age. Calamine Powder is very gentle on the skin, so it is also used on babies as a treatment for rashes from diapers. It helps to tackle skin itching and redness in summers. Calamine powder contains Zinc Oxide and a tinge of Iron oxide as its ingredient. However, the most essential active ingredient is Zinc Oxide because it has antipruritic properties. At the same time, Iron Oxide provides the powder its peachy color. Calamine Powder works magically on people with dominant Pitta dosha experience. Calamine originated in French from the Belgian town of Kelmis. This place was home to a zinc mine. This powder is used in many countries, including China, Korea, Brazil, UK, among many others, for its medicinal value, and it's over the counter benefits as a topical agent.