Your one-stop solution for skin preparation, Bakuchiol, also known as ‘Babchi’ is a wild plant that grows annually. In Ayurveda, it is essential to balance out Kapha by activating the dormancy of melanocyte cells and curing vitiligo. As a result, it decreases skin discoloration. It gives a golden liquid appearance with a thick texture. The plant is native to India and is often seen in many medicinal treatments. It is also used by different countries like Argentina, Pakistan, and China for its skincare world as it minimizes the pores, even the skin tone, helps in making the skin plump and clear. They prefer to use it as an oil or a serum-based formula. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles due to its anti-ageing properties by plumping the skin. Despite having no connection to retinol, it still tends to show retinol-like properties such as de-pigmentation. It stimulates the production of collagen and helps in bringing completely renewed skin with freshness in it. It protects the skin from the damage done by free radicals. It also has antibacterial properties and reduces inflammation which is the reason for its excessive use in the skincare industry. It protects the skin against pollution because of its antioxidants. It calms the skin, and hence, it is preferred by people with sensitive skin.