Ashwagandha or “Withania Somnifera” is an evergreen shrub that thrives in various parts of India and Worldwide. Just because of its natural healing properties, this herb has been used for over decades, and people across the globe used to make various formulations from this herb in ancient times. It works best to reduce stress, increase concentration, and improve your energy level. South Asian countries consider it as a stimulant whose root smells like a horse. Also, it is used in food supplements in countries like Switzerland, Norway, India, and the United States. This Indian Ginseng or Indian Winter Cherry is also found in Africa and other Middle East parts. It is a natural antioxidant used to get fresh skin, treating wrinkles, spots, dark circles, fine lines, etc. By promoting blood circulation, this plant helps to sustain the skin follicles. Its medicinal properties are practiced in countries like China, the US, UK, India to treat viral infection, cold, and cough. Its leaves are a little bitter, but it is high in iron and can be used as a herbal tea. The chemical elements of Ashwagandha involve steroidal lactones, alkaloids, Saponins etc., which are anti-stress agents. Therefore, Ashwagandha is an efficient way to promote your wellness.